Desearch, a peer-reviewed postgraduate journal, aims to foster a reflective and critical approach to research through an engagement with emergent ideas and undercurrents of radical thought. Desearch is committed to the publication of innovative postgraduate and doctoral critical work in art and contemporary culture, which lead to a broader rethinking of current artistic and cultural issues.

Submissions from all fields of Arts & Design are welcomed, as well as from the areas of Philosophy, Sociology and Cultural Studies; given their discussions encompass an interdisciplinary approach.

Desearch is a non profitable Limited by Guarantee company, supported by the generous funding of SPEED WM, EFS, UnLtd. & HEFCE.

Editorial Board

Euripides Altintzoglou (University of Wolverhampton)
Andrew Bracey (University of Lincoln)

Matthew Cornford (University of Brighton)
Matt Dalglish (University of Wolverhampton)

Alistair Payne (University of Glasgow)
Jane Webb (University of Manchester)

Simon Harris
Tom Hicks
Robert Grose
Julian Gwinnett
Peter Yates